Saturday, January 12, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

I usually don't do New Year's resolutions, but this year I have two. They are...getting my house in order, and getting in shape.

To be transparent with you...I have no organizational skills. When I got married, I pretty much started from scratch. I’ve been able to maintain a normal, pretty functional home, but it’s nowhere near how I want it to be. I know this is normal, and more people struggle with this than people who don’t, but I REALLY want a simple, organized house. I don’t want a house that is perfect, one that has absolutely nothing out of place, no smudges on the glass, etc., but I want to be able to be proud of it when someone drops in unexpectedly, and for life to function more smoothly for my family. This year I have started the FLY Lady program! I LOVE her. She is so nice, and understands people who have problems with organization, and is able to help them with simple steps that form habits. Yeah, habit is the key word here. Also, helping the kids develop habits to keep the house in order is something I'll be working on. Moms shouldn't feel like the house maid, but more like the manager of the home. Household management is a real job, and its something to take pride it. It's harder than most occupations, especially for people like me, because you are the boss. You set the goals, plans, schedules, and the hardest part...actually following through with them, in your own home, a place where you don't have to follow through with them.

My other resolution – to get in shape! Not to lose weight, but to get fit. I have started and stopped this goal so many times. I have made the mistake of trying to do it too quickly.  One week, I started running. I pushed myself as hard as I could like I did back in junior high when I played basketball. I think my body is a little different now than it was back with my young, stress-free, no-responsibility, go-to-bed-at-9:00 life. Last year I was so wiped out by the first week, I felt like I had the flu or something. So that’s usually how exercise goes with me. This overachiever is going to have to slow down, and start from scratch with exercise as well. So I've started out with the goal of walking three times a week, one mile a day, and building up from there. I had to swallow my pride for this, but really, it's all I can handle right now. It’s better to start on the bottom and walk up the hill, instead of starting out at the top of a mountain and falling off. For anything.

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