Friday, July 20, 2012

One Year in a Nutshell - Part II

Two months after Logan was born, something happened that I had been wanting for so long. We were moving back to the south! We said goodbye to a few dear friends, and began a new stage in our life.

When we first arrived in Mississippi, we stayed in my grandmother's house. She had died two months before. Staying in her house was bittersweet. The kids loved going from an apartment, to having a yard the size of hers'. So much grass to run around in. Pears to pick off of the tree. Hills to roll down. Trees to climb.

We had many fun times there. Waylon struggled getting a job that didn't require him to work on Sundays. He was finally hired at Caterpillar. Things were going well.

In February, things suddenly changed. We lost a very loved family member, my father-in-law, On Valentine's Day.
Shortly after that, Waylon lost his job. We've had several worries and heartaches that I won't blog about because they are kind of personal. But I can say this - God is good. And through it all I've learned more about his love for me than I could ever have if these things had not happened. Its also stregthened our relationship with each other, and helped us grow up a little.

Our sweet boys are a source of joy to us every day. I've gotten closer than ever before to my sister. I've enjoyed spending time with my dad and brother. We found a house that we absolutely love! It's three bedrooms, two bathrooms, with an office for Waylon, and a sunroom for me. Hardwood floors are in every room except the bathroom and kitchen! I'm so glad - I hate carpet. :) Its in the Corinth city limits, and it has a good sized, fenced in yard. We got a REALLY good deal on it. Here's a few pictures of it right before we moved in...

LOVE my kitchen!

And the hardwood floors!

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